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Marlborough Primary School


For More information on what our curriculum looks like in action, please visit the News tab on the website to view our fortnightly newsletters.  

If you would like to discuss anything related to the curriculum, please contact the School Office who can make you an appointment with the relevant subject leader. 



At Marlborough, we want our children to be able to discover their own gifts and talents, and to support this, we provide lots of opportunities for their interests to grow.

Our knowledge and skills based curriculum is designed to provide high-quality learning experiences for all our pupils enabling them to grow together socially, emotionally and spiritually as individuals as well as one community. 

We provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant and purposeful, preparing them for the next stages in their life and beyond. Our curriculum is highly aspirational and challenges all children to be the best they can be.

At Marlborough we recognise and celebrate the cultural diversity and life experiences of all our pupils. We use our local and wider community purposefully to further enrich the curriculum, equipping children with the necessary skills for life.

We are proud that our curriculum draws inspiration from a range of diverse historical role models like Josephine Baker, Mary Anning and Ignatius Sancho that focus on creativity, commitment, courage and a sense of community in our pupils.

The whole curriculum is bound together by both the school values and British Values on which we place so much emphasis, making us a positive, successful community of learners.

Our intent is to raise standards across all subjects, to enable our pupils to access and engage with their learning to ensure both academic and personal success.


Our curriculum inspires our pupils to become educated global citizens and our ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum is the vehicle for helping us achieve this, with a view to changing our pupils’ hearts, as well as their minds.


This curriculum is underpinned by four highly relevant world issues, known as the four Cs:-









At Marlborough, we are preparing children in readiness for later life and the development of written and oral communication skills is vital to this.

Our curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils to develop their language and vocabulary, helping them to articulate their learning, express their thinking and opinions clearly in discussion, debate, and presentation. By unlocking communication, sharing ideas, talking about feelings, and conversing with others the children will learn to use their words in positive ways to build each other up. We encourage our pupils to use a wide range of communication tools as a means of increasing confidence, developing self-regulation, and nurturing their critical thinking skills.



At Marlborough we value everyone, we work collaboratively to remove barriers and build bridges between home and school. Our school values underpin our culture of celebrating differences, being sure of who you are and respecting each other. Our children and families value diversity, understand the roots and importance of cultural heritage and behave in a respectful and tolerant way towards others, regardless of faith, ethnicity or background. We actively and explicitly promote equality, respect, tolerance and understanding through ‘Learning Means the World’.



Conflict is something that children will face throughout their lives, and we want our children to know how to deal with it appropriately. Our children learn how to express themselves in a respectful way enabling them to deal with conflict. We believe having a developed understanding of conflict and the importance of considering others' perspectives and displaying empathy will support children in making the right choices.



We want our pupils to have an informed understanding of conservation issues, to care passionately about our world and to engage actively as agents of change for good, both now and in the future. Through trips and visits, we develop our children to be good stewards for the future who can really make a difference, and who are willing to get involved locally, whilst also seeing the wider global picture.



Our ethos and curriculum are underpinned by a set of positive, shared values which help us to work and learn together as a respectful and supportive community.  We learn the importance of friendship, honesty, respect and tolerance, and how to approach life and learning with determination.  This makes our school community happy and harmonious, a fun place where children feel safe and secure.  Our values are important to all children, staff, parents and governors.

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All children in Years 2 and 6 have now completed the statutory End of Key Stage Assessments. The results of these will be sent home with the end of term reports in July. Please see the links below from the government, providing additional information on the assessments for parents.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2