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Marlborough Primary School


We focus on the importance of English in the curriculum and in our daily lives. We view effective communication as key to the development of all learners. The full range of English skills (Reading, Writing and Spoken Language) are crucial in the acquisition of knowledge in other areas of the curriculum. 

In the Early Years and Key Stage 1 we feel it is appropriate that teaching focusses on ensuring children are able to read and develop their early writing skills through the use of systematic synthetic phonics programmes.  We use Bug Club to deliver Phonics and VIPERS to deliver reading.

In Key Stage 2 we use The Power of Reading programme to focus on high quality, challenging texts that are engaging and easily accessible to all children. Children have the chance to engage with a variety of texts such as novels, poetry, picture books, narrative poems and classic stories. They are given opportunities to engage with the text through discussion, drama, and debates.   Reading is promoted daily in English lessons and reading sessions where the vital comprehension skills of retrieval, inference and author's use of language are taught effectively so that children are readily prepared for Secondary School. 

We understand the importance of using and applying our written skills in other areas of the curriculum. We plan opportunities for children to use what they have learnt in English when writing in other subjects. This allows them to develop their fluency in spelling, punctuation and grammar.