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Marlborough Primary School

Marlborough's Magic Menus

We are delighted to introduce the ‘Marlborough Magic Menu’. A new, whole-school approach to home learning. The menu has been designed so that all learners can access it, with a range of tasks varying in difficulty and linking to the wide curriculum offered here at Marlborough. 

At the beginning of each term, children receive a new ‘Marlborough Magic Menu’ in their home learning book or on Microsoft Teams. Each week, they must choose and complete one activity. This should be clearly labelled and evidenced in their book. 

There are six main areas of study: English, Maths and Problem Solving, Science, History/Geography/RE, Creative Arts and Health and Wellbeing. These have been carefully planned for to ensure coverage across the curriculum. Child completes activities from all areas of study by the end of the term. 


Please see individual Year Group Pages for relevant 'Magic Menus'