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Marlborough Primary School



Mr C Nondo


At Marlborough our intention is that children gain a firm understanding of what music is through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing and discussing different music across different historical periods, styles, traditions and musical genres. We aim to develop their confidence, skills, performance experience and knowledge of music so that children will have an understanding of music and of its importance, as well as an appreciation of different types of music.


Teaching and Learning

Music is implemented through our Dimensions Curriculum and in addition taught separately by a specialist teacher. Within this, children develop their musical understanding and knowledge through thematic units. During these units they have opportunities to perform, listen, analyse, sing and compose with a variety of instruments.  This helps them to develop the skills, techniques and knowledge of both musical notation and the experience of learning an instrument. Children have weekly music lessons in small groups. This is an added opportunity to reinforce the skills and knowledge that children acquire in their learning and are another opportunity to practise and learn new skills. Children in Year 3 and 4 learn how to play the glockenspiels and are introduced to notation.

Whole school events

Music is also embedded into weekly singing assemblies, musical performances in Reception and Year 2 and events where children are giving the opportunity to sing, play and hear different music. Year group assemblies regularly include aspects of Music. Furthermore, we have a Carol service at Christmas and an end of year production performed by Year 6. 

School Choir

Children in Year 4, 5 and 6 are involved in the school choir. Children practise weekly and participate in both internal and external events.

Instrumental learning

Alongside our curriculum provision for music, pupils are also offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with peripatetic teachers. Children can choose from a variety of instruments to learn, including violin, guitar and steel pans. Over time children develop their skills and go on to completing grade exams. Our peripatetic music teaching is organised by Harrow Music Service.

SEND pupils and personalised learning

At Marlborough our Music lessons are designed to be inclusive for all children with different needs. Progression of skills and knowledge are repeated to allow all children to make progress and feedback for how children are feeling is included.  Having lessons in smaller groups enables tasks to be tailored for specific children.

Staff CPD

The value of having high quality CPD is very important to the Teaching and Learning of Music. Teachers are given insets to improve their teaching in the subject as well as additional support throughout the year. Our specialist Music Teacher is encouraged to actively seek CPD opportunities within the borough and beyond to enhance their practice and keep up to date with new developments.

Role of Music Lead

Leadership within Music is important for ensuring that the subject is embedded across the school in a variety of ways. The Music lead has an important role of ensuring the quality of teaching in Dimensions Curriculum, separate Music lessons and instrumental lessons.

The Music Lead is expected to:

  • Support teachers in developing the knowledge and skills to deliver high quality Music lessons.
  • Support specialist Music teacher in delivering Music lessons and assessment of skills and knowledge in Music.
  • Co-ordinate concerts and other events that involve music.
  • Work with peripatetic teachers to deliver instrumental Music lessons.


Children at Marlborough will have developed musical knowledge and development of aural skills which will help them to understand and analyse music during primary school and beyond.  Children will have nurtured these skills through careful progression. As well as this children will have experienced playing instruments and gain experiences of notation.  Children will have an awareness and appreciation of different music and will have the ability to understand, discuss and analyse music. Having experienced playing different instruments and hearing music children will develop an enjoyment of music as a listener, learner and performer.