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Marlborough Primary School

Staff Leavers and New Classes

Dear Parents and carers,

 Sadly we are saying goodbye to three members of staff at the end of this academic year.


 Mr Cremin will be leaving to teach in another school. I would like to wish him every success, he has been a wonderful addition to the school and will be sadly missed. Thank you Mr Cremin!


 Miss Planinsek is also leaving to teach in another school in South London. She will be sadly missed by the children and our teacher choir will now need a new singer. Thank you Miss Planinsek!


And finally . . .


Mrs Fitzgerald is off on an amazing road trip around Europe. Mrs Fitzgerald has been at the school 16 years, having seen many children through Marlborough (and even some of the staff and parents). She has been an amazing asset to Marlborough Primary School and we wish her every happiness in her new adventure. Thank you Mrs Fitzgerald!


New Staff

 We would like to welcome our new members of staff, joining us in September.


Mrs Mirza – Reception class teacher

Miss Mehta – Year 3 class teacher

Mrs Beehag – LSA

Mrs Ali – LSA

Mrs Fagan - LSA

Mr Ewer – IT Network manager


Miss Caydiid, who has been working in Year 5 this term, will be joining us permanently next year.


We are also extremely fortunate as we have been able to allocate an additional teacher per phase. This will enable us to have targeted teaching groups and additional support as needed.



 Congratulations to Miss Webster who successfully completed her Initial Teacher Training and will be joining the school as a qualified teacher from September 2021.

 Miss O’Driscoll will be completing Initial Teacher Training next academic year.


Classes Next Year

 This afternoon the children had the opportunity to spend time with their new teachers, ready for September. As you will be aware, all classes have been mixed this year. I understand this may be unsettling for some children, and also some parents. Please can I ask that you trust our decisions. We have taken a number of factors into consideration when allocating classes, the foremost being the happiness of the children.


All parents have been sent a link for a virtual meet the teacher, taking place today at 3.45- 4.30pm.


The links have been added to the class lists in case you have not received the initial letter. Please see below.


As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Mrs. C Robinson-Jones


Acting Headteacher