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Marlborough Primary School


Expressive Arts Club

We are proud to announce that Marlborough's innovative Expressive Arts Program is going into its third school year. Led by Ms Essanoussi, an internationally trained Educational Designer and Psychologist, this program advocates for the importance of recognising our different needs and individuality.




As we celebrate neurodiversity, this educative program empowers our students to take charge of the ways of learning and expression that work best for them. Students are challenged to explore how their brains, senses, and emotions are wired, and to discover their own unique set of talents and abilities.

This Expressive Arts Program invests in the overall (academic) learning and wellbeing of the child and has shown immense success in increasing soft skills (such as problem solving, resilience, resourcefulness, etc), developing a growth mindset, and the overall quality of learning. As a result, this enables children to progress positively in leaps and bounds, encouraging and maximising their potential. More importantly, embracing themselves and preparing for their future!

Your voice matters! This program ensures that the rights of our students are persevered and celebrated through music, drama, art, sports, wellbeing, and inclusion. Our community would not be the same without the close involvement of our staff, parents, and students alike. We thank you for your efforts and please always feel free to reach out to if you wish to be involved in our projects. Watch the Expressive Arts Feedback video from our beautiful community.