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Reading at Marlborough Primary School - KS2 Parent workshop

At Marlborough Primary School, we firmly believe that reading is extremely important in supporting every child’s journey in becoming a well-rounded individual with a knowledge and awareness of the world around them – past, present and future. As part of our promise to guide children in reaching this goal, Miss Gold held a workshop for parents of KS2 pupils on Wednesday 30th October 2019.

The aims of this workshop were:

· To understand how we teach reading comprehension skills through VIPERS throughout the whole school

· To unpick the National Curriculum to understand the expectations of Reading at the end of each year group

· To understand the importance of Reading for Pleasure

· To have the opportunity to experience aspects of a VIPERS lesson

· To further understand comprehension skills and how to help at home

Through this workshop, we hoped to offer parents a greater insight into how we teach key reading comprehension skills throughout the school through VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explain, Retrieval, Summary/Sequence). We have found that providing our pupils with a wide variety of texts linking to all areas of the curriculum means that they have had a better understanding of the world around them and have been able to make explicit links with other areas of their learning.

Our intent is that all children become highly competent readers by the end of their time at Marlborough Primary School and so we strongly encourage our pupils to read as much as often at home. We hope that the information provided in this workshop will support parents in listening to their children at home as well as understanding the importance of reading for pleasure.

Parent feedback:

“I’m very pleased that the school is trying to instill a ‘Reading for Pleasure’ in our children.”

“I will use the VIPERS questions at home to enrich the understanding of my son’s reading.”

“I will use the information in this workshop to improve the reading of my child at home and use the targeted questions provided.”

If you were unable to make the workshop, please feel free to have a look through the PowerPoint uploaded on the right.


SRE Curriculum

Documents regarding the SRE Curriculum are located on the right hand panel.