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Marlborough Primary School

Sports Leaders

Our school is extremely lucky to have some brilliant Sports Leaders. At lunchtime their role is to lead games and engage children in playtimes. The Sports Leaders have training with our Sports Coaches and come up with lots of play ideas and games that can be led by themselves with lots of exciting equipment. They have many new ideas and plan activities just like the teachers do to ensure playtimes are fun for all children and especially the younger ones, whilst they gain effective organisational and leadership skills. The Sports Leaders are also responsible for ensuring that all sports equipment is organised and stored in the shed following activities and lunchtimes. They play a key role in the organisation and running of events such as Sports Day. 


Rocco - 6 Dickens                                                     

Amina - 6 Dickens                                                                                

Husna - 6 Dickens                                                          

Ariana- 6 Dickens    

Mohammed- 6 Shakespeare  

Abdul-Rehman - 6 Shakespeare  

Sarah - 6 Shakespeare  

Deniz - 6 Dickens

Shansab - 6 Dickens

Hema - 6 Zephaniah

Javaria - 6 Zephaniah

Eduard - 6 Zephaniah

Anna - 6 Zephaniah

Bheeni - 6 Zephaniah