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Marlborough Primary School

School Councillors

Marlborough Primary School Council is a representative group of students who have been elected by their classmates to represent their views, raise issues and share ideas to improve our school.

Every Autumn Term a new School Council is formed. The members are children chosen through a democratic process by their classmates. Our School Council is made of two representatives from each class from Year 1 to 6.

Meetings are held every term and they decide what they can do to improve the school. All ideas are from children from across the whole school who completed a questionnaire and surveys. 

If you have any questions about the school council, please contact a School Council member or come and see our noticeboard.


Vidhant—1 Banksy

Vlad—1 Warhol

Sulaimaan—1 Mitchell

Muhammad—2 Gaudi

Hussein—2 Dali

Kiaan—2 Hockney

Luca—3 King

Riana—3 Gandhi

Phoebe—3 Churchill

Alice—4 Lama

Szymon—4 Pankhurst

Zara—4 Lincoln

Robert—5 Potter

Haoran—5 Blyton

Jaysinh—5 Austen

Nouhaila—6 Shakespeare

Amina—6 Zephaniah

Mustafa—6 Dickens