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Marlborough Primary School

Science Ambassadors

Roles and Responsibilities


At Marlborough Primary School, we believe that the teaching and learning of science is key to understanding the world around us and to help prepare our children for the future. 


To empower our students and develop roles of responsibility, we select Science Ambassador from each class of (Year 1-6) to work closely with the Science Leader. The aim is to encourage them to play a vital role in contributing to raising the profile of Science at Marlborough by working on school priorities, organising events and enthusing the school community to work on chosen initiatives.


Their role includes several duties:

  • To update their classes on actions related to science.
  • To help in showcasing science at Marlborough. This can be shared in termly meetings and it can be done through notes/photographs etc.
  • To help with the organisation of science resources.
  • To assist teachers in setting up their classroom for science lessons
  • To assist visitors/governors around the school and discuss Science in Marlborough Primary.
  • To collaborate in organising events related to science e.g., Science week, Earth Day etc.



 Aron Beqiraj - 1 Banksy

Noel Pakhare - 1 Warhol

Natashya Karundasage - 1 Mitchell

Viyona Jasani - 2 Dali

Zoe Chowdhury - 2 Gaudi

Aliza Saad - 2 Hockney

Benisha Khithani - 3 Churchill

Sparsh Patel - 3 Gandhi

Avinaash Ramesh - 3 King

Samuel Wong - 4 Lama

Ayvah Wright - 4 Lincoln

Jiya Jithendra - 4 Pankhurst

Hanoona Fatima - 5 Potter

Sara Motit - 5 Blyton

Anna Rescia - 5 Austen

Saliha Jan - 6 Shakespeare

Samriddhi Pal - 6 Dickens

Luisa Di - 6 Zephaniah