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Marlborough Primary School

Year 1

1 Rashford

Teacher: Mr Ingram


1 Manrique

Teacher: Miss Ahmed


Support Staff: Mrs Nadery


1 Anning

Teacher: Miss Ali




On this page you will be able to find out about all the exciting learning happening in Year 1. Below you will find our year’s overviews, subject knowledge organisers and other useful documents.

Year 1 is a very exciting year as children move from the Early Years Foundation Stage into Key Stage One. As well as teaching the Year 1 National Curriculum, we will also be recapping important learning from the Early Years Framework. This will ensure any gaps in children’s learning from Reception are closed and the framework is mastered which ensures great stepping stones for them as they continue their learning journey at Marlborough.

In Year 1, children will complete a Phonics Screening Check at the end of the year. Children will take this test in an informal setting, one-to-one, with a teacher. Whilst children learn phonics to help them with both word reading and spelling, the Phonics Screening Check only tests their skills at word reading. This is sometimes called decoding. During the Phonics Screening Check, children are asked to read (decode) 40 words. Most of these words are real words but some are pseudo-words (made up words). Pseudo-words are included to ensure that children are using their decoding skills and not just relying on their memory of words they’ve read before. As some children may misread these pseudo-words based on their similarity to words in their existing vocabulary, each pseudo-word is clearly identified with an image of an alien. Most teachers and children, therefore, refer to pseudo-words as alien words. Children are taught phonics every day and they will be taught the difference between pseudo-words and real words throughout the school year.


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