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Wakey, Wakey Breakfast Cafe / After Hours Adventures

Our school managed Breakfast & After-School Clubs operate at the following times -

Wakey Wakey Breakfast Café - 7:30am - 8.40am (**Breakfast serving stops at 8:15am)

After Hours Adventures - 3:30pm - 6pm

* It is important to note that 3 late collections in a term can result in Late charges being applied to your account. Further late collections could result in your child being taken out of the club.

* Please contact the Office (Before 4pm) or the Club (After 4pm) if you know you are going to be running late. The Club phone number can be obtained from the office or Club Supervisor

Sessions are priced as follows -

Wakey Wakey Breakfast Café - £4 Per Session (Regular & Ad-Hoc)

After Hours Adventures - £10 Per Session (Regular) £12 Per Session (Ad-Hoc)

Typical Breakfast Club Morning -

During each session children enjoy a welcoming and calm start to the day, preparing them for a day of success.  Breakfast varies from day to day but a range of cereals, toast and crumpets are always offered.

Typical After Hours Adventures Afternoon

A range of games and activities are laid out for the children, whilst the afternoons snacks are being prepared. Children are then taken to wash their hands, followed by the serving of snacks (A range of Fruit & Veg is available daily, as well as Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Options). Children are then encouraged to participate in outdoor activities (Weather Permitting) or continue with indoor activities & games.

*A New & Updated Menu & Timetable will be available to view soon

All children need to first be registered members of the Wakey, Wakey Breakfast Cafe or After Hours Adventures before entry is permitted. This enables both regular bookings and ad-hoc sessions (where available) to be booked.

For more information or to book your child's place please download and read our 'Breakfast and After School Club Policy' found to the right of this page. This includes the registration and booking form, which can either be handed in to the office or the supervisory staff in either club.

For any enquiries, please email


Breakfast / After-School Club Staff 2019-20 (From September 2019 Onwards)

Mr Harry Stannett - Breakfast & After-School Club Supervisor

Mrs Rebecca Ononye - Breakfast / After-School Club Playworker

Mrs Indu Shukle - Breakfast / After-School Club Playworker

Miss Rebecca Ryan After-School Club Playworker

Mrs Priya Samudran - After-School Club Playworker


New Supervisors for Breakfast & After-School Club to be confirmed