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Junior Travel Ambassadors

Latest Updates 12th July 2018

We had the BMX stunt show come on the 29th June and performed to the whole school. We had a great time watching the stunts performed and cheering them on. Check out some of the pictures from the day.

Who We Are

We’re the Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA). With our shining JTA badges and bundles of enthusiasm, we’re the pupils who think about road safety and transport! We are from all year groups across the school to ensure we represent the whole school.

The Junior Travel Ambassador scheme is run by Transport for London. We represent our school at Harrow Borough meetings.

What We Do

We meet to share ideas and opinions. During each meeting we discuss our progress with current projects. We also plan future projects, organise prizes for competitions, and select the winners of existing competitions!

The role of a JTA is to encourage a greener approach to transport. We like to see our friends and fellow pupils walking to school wherever possible. We run a competition in which each class competes to walk to school most often each month. Walking to and from school is important, but we also want pupils of Marlborough Primary School to be safe on the roads of Greater London. We work with our school to create a safer environment. We also have a lot of fun running competitions to encourage a safe and sensible attitude to the roads of London.


Pauline  - Year 5  Austen Class
Adis - Year 5 Austen Class
Rafik - Year 6 Shakespeare Class
Aarzoo - Year 6 Shakespeare Class
Ahmad - Year 6 Zephaniah Class
Andra - Year 6 Zephaniah Class
Nadia - Year 6 Dickens Class
Vinush - Year 6 Dickens Class
Wyatt - Year 6 Rosen Class
Ashima - Year 6 Rosen Class