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Marlborough's Christmas Jumper Day!

Thursday 13th December 2018

Created by: Mr Michael Jefford

​"If we could rate the day out of 10 it would be 11!" Sindhia, 6 Dickens

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On Monday 3rd December, Marlborough invited all children and staff to come into school wearing Christmas jumpers to raise money for 'Save the children' charity which hopes to build better futures for children in the UK and around the world. Not only that, but Marlborough was taken over by the spirit of Christmas and had some exciting visitors - reindeer! 

We all enjoyed a fun-filled day meeting Holy and Ivy and learning lots about reindeer. We even got to stroke them and feel how heavy their antlers are once they are shed. 

​"If we could rate the day out of 10 it would be 11!"
 Sindhia, 6 Dickens

"The reindeer were soft to feel and I felt safe because I knew how kind they were."
 Bilal, 6 Zephaniah

"Well I have to admit that seeing the reindeer was an amazing experience. Their cushion-like fur was amazing to feel and to see real reindeer was a great treat. How lucky we are!"
Pauline, 6 Dickens​

This amazing experience, which was a first for many of us here at Marlborough, inspired us to write Christmas narratives. Here are a few of Year 6's narrative openings...

'As Jack marched through the midnight forest, he stumbled upon a door. There was a little hole that led to a pit of darkness and in a blink of an eye, the door opened. He fell into a black pit of nothingness. ​With a quiet thud, he fell on the cushion-like snow. He noticed the bright lights around him. As quiet as a mouse, Jack tip-toed through the snow to see an elephant-like shadow that turned out to be Santa." Jamal, 6 Dickens

'Snap! A twig shattered into a million tiny pieces beneath Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town's foot. He wore black boots and his usual white and grey pin-striped suit as he ventured into the familiar forest. Confused and annoyed, Jack looked ahead at this strange sight. "What is the meaning of this?" he wondered out loud to himself, furious. There, in front of him, was a door on a tree. Funnily, it was in the shape of a tree (a fir tree) and it was decorated with baubles and a star." Abby, 6 Shakespeare

This will certainly be a day that everyone at Marlborough will remember for a long time!


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